US Announces Drone Testing Sites

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January 2, 2014 — 1,326 views  

In a significant development that would affect many, the US administration has finally allowed the testing of drones over their own air space. For this purpose, sites have also been chosen, which has again raised the debate over privacy concerns owing to which it was not given the green signal in the first place. According to a statement by the Federal Aviation Administration, the testing process would commence in a few months and continue for three more years. The sites chosen for this purpose include the states of New York and New Jersey, along with eight others.

Advantages of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones

The announcement has brought cheer to various companies which are involved in the building of these drones. Here are some of the advantages of these drones:

  • Responding to natural disasters, like monitoring the spread of forest fires.
  • Locating the persons who go missing when they are out in the wilderness.
  • Generate revenue for the country and provide people with many job opportunities.
  • A useful tool for delivering small packages to customers' doorsteps.

Concerns over Privacy and Safety

The testing period for these drones will help authorized personnel to look into privacy issues. It will also help the Federal Aviation Administration in understanding how it should control the possible uses of these drones and the commercial airspace in future. The testing site operators must abide by the state and federal laws which protect a person's right to privacy, and must also carry out yearly assessments of the privacy practices. The California-based company, General Atomics, is now investigating various sensor systems which are essential for risk-free domestic use of drones. Its latest technology allows pilot-less systems to independently notify and avert other aerial vehicles that it can fly without any risk in the American air space.

There was a huge interest among many universities and states to be part of this testing process, and those who have been selected are looking forward to it. With this announcement, companies like Amazon can look forward to have these drones deliver their packages to their customers. It was Jeff Bezos, who pioneered the idea of having drones deliver the goods at the customer's doorstep and it seems that his idea is going to be implemented in the near future.

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