Texas' Voter ID Law Tested

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November 7, 2013 — 1,115 views  

The new voter ID law in Texas, which came out recently has already confused a lot of voters. This new law has been made applicable all across the state to ensure that the voting process stays free from fake voters. But many public officials too have agreed on running into issues with the new law. Two of the individuals in the run to be the Governor of Texas in 2014 have also complained about certain issues with the new law.

Changes in the Law

A total of nine changes were proposed in the voter ID law of Texas by the State Constitution. Here is a list revealing all the nine proposed amendments.

  • The first proposition gives the authority to the Administration to exempt from property, part or all of the actual value of the home of the spouse (surviving) of the armed services member of the country who might have been killed in action. This law is applicable only till the surviving spouse does not remarry.
  • The second proposition cancels the provision of the constitution requiring State Medical Education Fund and State Medical Education Board.
  • The third proposition authorizes the local officials to prolong the time for which aircraft parts can temporarily remain in the state before they are made subject to property tax.
  • The fourth proposition allows the Administration to exempt property tax of a portion of the actual market value of the property of any disabled (partially) veteran. It is also applicable for the spouse of the veteran in case the property is donated by a non-profit organization.
  • The fifth proposition has changed the meaning of ‘reverse mortgage’. It authorizes these loans for making purchase of property. Apart from allowing usage of the property to the borrower, it also gives lenders the benefit of recourse against such borrowers who are unable to occupy the property in the required time.
  • The sixth proposition creates a special fund in the state treasury and also outside General Revenue Fund. Known as the State Water Implementation Fund, it will be used for implementation of state water plan and Texas Water Development Board will administer it.
  • The seventh proposition permits the municipalities (home-rule) to implement provisions that can authorize the appointment of a governing body. But this is applicable only when the vacant term is available for less than one year.
  • The eighth proposition revokes maximum tax rate of Texas Constitution for Hidalgo County hospital district.
  • The last proposition expands the number of potential sanctions which can be issued by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct followed by a formal proceeding.

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