DOJ Challenges North Carolina's Voter ID Law

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October 3, 2013 — 1,199 views  

The United States Department of Justice has filed a suit against North Carolina's Voter ID Law which violates the Voting Rights Act. The new law requires the voter to show a photo identification during the polls by discriminating against African-Americans. The US Attorney General said that allowing the limits on the voting rights which disproportionately excludes minority voters is against the ideals and culture of the country as a whole. This new law will go against the tradition that many North Carolinians have followed over the past few years.

New Law Will Hurt the People's Sentiments

The US Attorney General had further stated that this new legislation will have a negative impact on the representation of African-American people at the polls. The DOJ expects to disclose the effects that these changes will have on the electorate and how, as a result, it will lead to the biased access of the people's participation in the political process. This law will not be good for the state as well as the nation as it will promote an ill-faith which goes against the moral fiber of the country. The suit was filed in Greenboro and it states that North Carolina should be barred from bringing the new voter ID law in to force. It goes on to state that the whole state of North Carolina should be required to have its law, polling places and procedures to be 'pre-cleared'  by a Federal Court or the DOJ.

Pre-Clearing Requirement

Many counties in the state of North Carolina had been put under such a requirement by the DOJ. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court decided that all or part of 15 states will have to get pre-clearance. This had led to the many civil-rights advocates becoming outraged and the state has decided that the judges should be able to put the localities or the states under pre-clearance requirement. In 2012, during the presidential selection, there was a law that had mandated a Photo Identification for people to vote. This measure was finally introduced in 2011 where the Governor Bev Perdue decided to veto to the situation.

Reason Behind the Law

A study was conducted on the North Carolina Board of Election earlier this year and it showed the large number of registered voters within the state did not have a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) ID. This number is said to be close to 300,000, out of which 22% were African-American. The reason that the state had given with regard to this law is that it will prevent frauds committed by the voters. The US Attorney General believes that there is no evidence to back this law and there is no logical connection to fraud as well.

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