New Jersey Law Requires Notice before Terror Surveillance

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September 11, 2013 — 1,066 views  

The state of New Jersey now requires law enforcement bodies that are from outside the state to give proper notice before they inspect an area or do any sort of surveillance work regarding terrorism. This law was made because of the increasing instances in religious places like mosques where officers from police departments like the NYPD had been snooping around because of the threat of terror attacks.

Terror - A Major Issue at Hand

While the law was passed, it was made clear that national safety is a major concern and that people respect the force for their efforts to prevent any further terrorist actions. However, it is equally important to protect the citizens of the country. In this case it specifically regards the Muslim community in New Jersey. While it is vital that terror is stopped, it should not be at the cost of affecting citizens’ lives and sentiments. Religion is something sacred and private. While in the walls of a holy place, it is not right by the law to compromise on the expectations and way of life of the people that stay inside the country.

Civilian Rights Must Remain Intact

It was also mentioned that there needs to be a state of balance so that this problem can be solved easily. It is important that civilian rights are maintained in an unbiased fashion. The legislation has made a strong step that has much criticism behind it. However, it was a step that was needed because of the excessive action taken and the method of the actions. Eavesdropping and recording private conversations in a place of worship bypasses many civilian rights and was not appreciated by many people in the particular communities.

Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of privacy and disallowing civilians their basic constitutional rights are not things that law enforcement bodies can do without certain consequences. The situation is rather delicate and the major issue of terrorism remains at large. Although the motion has been opposed in many places, there are quite a few places where the state of affairs has become comparatively better due to the law.

The legislation states that there must be just cause for surveillance of a region within the state if an out of state government body is handling the surveillance. Also, there must be a prior notice of at least 24 hours before any such action can be taken. The recent law has been effective immediately for the state of New Jersey.

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