Must-Have iPhone and iPad Apps for Attorneys

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November 5, 2012 — 1,155 views  

Must-Have iPhone and iPad Apps for Attorneys

In no particular order, here is a list of several must-have iPhone and iPad apps for attorneys. This list includes apps that help with organization and productivity, research and reference, document creation and storage, as well as legal news and articles.


As a trial presentation and legal file management app, TrialPad allows attorneys to present Exhibits in court with a projector. Users can create case file folders to save, organize and annotate PDF documents. Add PDFs to case files via email, duplicate PDFs for annotating different points of view during Exhibit presentation. In addition, TrialPad integrates with Dropbox and WebDAV, supports many file formats, as well as audio and video. Since TrialPad was created and developed by litigation experts, it is ideal for litigators, trial teams and support staff. Cost: $89.99


iJuror is the ideal app for jury selection. Users are able to manage and organize information about jurors before and during trial. Add juror data by tapping on the chairs; choose jurors, alternates or dismiss jurors with drag-and-drop. Users can add notes to juror information during the trial, as well as notate peremptory dismissals and dismissals for cause. Cost: $19.99


As a legal research app, FastCase is a law library with access to primary law from all 50 states. Users will have access to cases, statues, court rules, regulations and constitutions from the federal government and all 50 states. Users can browse statues collections, or search and filter by citation or keyword. Cost: free

LexisNexis Legal News

The LexisNexis Legal News app pulls from the extensive LexisNexis information repository sharing the most up-to-date breaking legal news. Users receive a blended array of legal news, blogs, videos and Twitter resources in a continuous content feed update. In addition, search information, set alerts for news and filter information feeds based on specific legal topics. Cost: free

Audiotorium Class & Meeting Notes

Beyond simple note taking and audio recording, the Audiotorium Class and Meeting Notes is a plethora of multi-tasking functions. Users can organize, review and share text and audio notes from conferences, meetings and classes. A few great features that make this app worthwhile; TextExpander integration so users can enter commonly used phrases with a keystroke, Dropbox integration to make sure notes are backed up, share notes via email, customize and organize notes, record while browsing or when app is closed, and much more. Cost: $5.99


Attorneys spend a lot of time reading PDF documents. GoodReader is a PDF-reader ideal for handling large PDF and TXT files, manuals, books and magazines with speed. Users can markup PDFs with text boxes, arrows, lines and sticky notes. GoodReader also syncs with Dropbox, making document management easy. Cost: $4.99


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