Using Social Networking Information in Litigation Could Alter Justice System

March 30, 2012 — 1,151 views  

Social networking websites present challenges to many people, and poses several questions to attorneys. These tools change the way lawyers approach litigation and evidence, and will continue to alter the justice system as they grow and develop.

Major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter attract users for a variety of reasons, giving them the opportunity to post comments, photos and videos they can share with friends and family. However, few may consider the legal risks they take when they use these networks.

While your company may use social networks to interact with clients quickly and easily, you may face potential legal risks with the content you post. Protecting your social media identity is critical, and taking steps to safeguard your activity will help maintain positive relationships with consumers. 

For example, you may post a photo of the newest product or service. If so, make sure that company supervisors have approved the use of the image before you upload it to a social media site. This ensures you won't face any legal consequences by releasing information intended to remain confidential.

In addition, monitor comments and feedback from consumers in response to the photo. Ensuring regulated content eliminates the risk of attacks originating through the use of social media. Following these procedures is a simple way to control your online branding and avoid severe legal ramifications.