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Ms. Karina Sousa
March 16, 2012 — 1,229 views  

Many of us have heard about videoconferencing and the positive impact it can make in the workplace.  However, many do not realize the specific benefits of having videoconferencing capabilities especially in the legal field.  While videoconferencing is not necessarily brand new to the legal field, it has developed into a tool that is easier to use and less expensive than in the past.  With the latest advancements in videoconferencing technologies, emerging companies can now provide clear, high definition sound and images while still guaranteeing substantial savings in time and money.  Until recently, all videoconferencing was dependent on having the right videoconferencing hardware, software and network installed and working at designated facilities and conference rooms.  You were forced to invest in very expensive videoconferencing systems, like Polycom HDX, upgrade the internet bandwidth, plus the headache of finding the right technical support.

Well, today that has all changed.  For pennies a day, we can all access any witness, expert, facility anywhere in the world whether on another PC, iPad, iPhone, Polycom – you name it! This service, Connexus-on-Demand, is available for the firm's use to eliminate the enormous traveling costs and ultimately save more money for your clients. Connexus has created unique usage for the legal field. You can now say goodbye to bandwidth limitations and firewall issues by simply connecting to a mobile 4G network.  One reporting firm in Florida even provided their own 4G hotspot in order to connect an iPad to an expert in a remote location!

So the next question you may ask is what about the software?  The best part about this service is that it takes just a few minutes to install anywhere, anytime, or anyplace.  Plus, the depositions can be recorded, on the fly, without adding additional videographer personnel and equipment.  Think about how you can use this technology to promote your services to your clients and the additional revenue to the agency.

Connexus has been in the videoconferencing business for over 25 years, and has installed Connexus-on-Demand and related videoconferencing services all over the world.  Until now, no one could offer HD videoconferencing, anytime, anywhere with no capital cost whatsoever.  Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to eliminate traveling expenses, improve productivity, and add flexibility to the services you can offer your clients.  Stay ahead of the game and learn more about these services by contacting Karina Sousa at Sousa Court Reporters at [email protected].

Ms. Karina Sousa

Sousa Court Reporters

As the Director of Operations at Sousa Court Reporters with a BA in Marketing, I am always researching the latest technologies and discovering ways to save my clients significant amounts of time and money to improve their practices.