Compare Quick Divorce procedure with Traditional One

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October 17, 2008 — 1,178 views  

You most likely believe a divorce is a long and monotonous affair which involves mess around court rooms and divorce attorney offices throughout the proceedings. The idea of having to go through a divorce is terrible for most people but the procedure itself can be just as fatiguing and taxing both ardently and financially.

Nowadays, it is not compulsory that a divorce has to be long drawn out and tiring. In truth, quick divorces are available on demand. If your relationship has just about crumbled and you want to end things within the fastest possible time frame, going for a quick divorce is the ideal solution. A quick divorce is an ideal solution in terms of affordability. This is because it is an inexpensive method of finding one and also speeds up the process while removing any requirement for your presence in the court. Quick divorce is specifically ideal for couples that do not have children or are mutually agreed on key issues such as division of assets and other properties. For a simplified online uncontested divorce, however, there are some necessities that need to be met in order to be eligible.

Quick divorce criteria:

There has to be joint agreement between couples that the marriage cannot be economized.
The partners should not have any minor children.
Mutual agreement between spouses on how matrimonial property should be splited.

To file for a quick online divorce, one my ask a court clerk for information on documents required and the cutoff dates for form filling as well as the costs that are associated. A lawyer is not really needed for this proceeding but can be approached in case of any legal query that you or your spouse may have. While this process is undoubtedly quick and noticeably less stressful, you may just want to get legal consultation in case, you have any doubts regarding the agreements that you are dealing as a way to protect yourself. Also state laws have to be examined before processing with this type of online divorce. While many online websites provide services of do it yourself kits for online divorce, it would be best to check whether the forms given are in fact valid in your state.

The best place to get a quick divorce is from online paralegal service firms. This is also much inexpensive and quicker than the traditional method of getting divorce. A lawyer is not mandatory in this case and the procedure for divorce is usually concluded in a relatively short spam of time permitting the people involved to move on with their lives, thereby cutting down on any stress or disruption that you may be prone to. This could also help in saving you substantial sums of money that would have otherwise been spent on the lawsuit. However, before choosing for a quick divorce, do take the time out to think whether it is the right step for you.

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