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January 21, 2014 – 1,578 views
Kelly Scott Esq. - Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP
Because attempting to understand and anticipate the actions and motives of people (and the seemingly endless permutations thereof) is what keeps the HR professional up at night, below we offer a new vocabulary for HR professionals... Full Story 
January 17, 2014 – 1,222 views
Jonathon Hoag - SmithAmundsen LLC
Last month we reported the recent amendment to the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act (IPWA) requiring fringe benefits to now be annualized for purpose of taking a credit for fringe benefit payments. The Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) recently updated its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to explain how the IDOL interprets the new annualization requirement. In the process of updating its guidance, the IDOL has expanded on how fringe benefits might affect the prevailing base hourly rate that a contractor must... Full Story 
January 17, 2014 – 1,288 views
Legal Compliance Resource
Residential tenant screening can be an incredibly tough job as you would want to make sure that you get the best tenant to rent your property. As a result, it is quite natural to feel like asking them a lot of questions before renting the property. However, when screening and selecting these tenants, you need to be extremely careful as there are plenty of questions that you are not allowed to legally ask your prospective tenants. Similarly, the tenants would also be... Full Story 
January 15, 2014 – 1,274 views
Legal Compliance Resource
The National Security Agency (NSA) is now being forced to present bills of all spending, including the different phone records that have been viewed and collected. US lawmakers are now demanding that the NSA turn over such vital information as part of the Spending Bill of Congress. The bill value is a substantial $1.1 trillion, and aims at a number of different spheres at once... Full Story 
January 13, 2014 – 1,052 views
Legal Compliance Resource
Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, signed into existence a new law pertaining to privacy and has repercussions for every business in the U.S. that operates a website and collects information pertaining to the identity of a person. The law addresses any identifiable information that is collected by a website from a customer and is maintained in an accessible form including information such as home address, first and last names, email address, address including name of the street, city etc., social security numbers, telephone numbers or any other information that helps in the identification of the consumer. The law has already been scheduled to be into effect from... Full Story 
January 8, 2014 – 1,076 views
Legal Compliance Resource
A while back the SAFE act had been implemented in New York. Under the act it was unlawful for a person to carry more than seven bullets in his loaded gun, regardless of whether it was concealed or not concealed. But now a judge has ruled that the Act is unconstitutional and has struck it down. However, it is still possible to appeal the ruling to a higher court, such as the Supreme Court... Full Story 
January 7, 2014 – 1,136 views
Legal Compliance Resource
The Freedom of Information Act was brought into effect in April, 1998. It was then amended in 2003. This act holds a lot of importance for the general public as it gives them the right to go through the records held by certain public bodies and government departments. The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to mention any reason for wanting to assess the records. Also, if you are not being provided the records that you want to check, the public body or government department under question needs to give you an explanation stating the reason behind it. Normally, it takes around 4 weeks for a decision to be made on an application... Full Story 
January 2, 2014 – 1,326 views
Legal Compliance Resource
In a significant development that would affect many, the US administration has finally allowed the testing of drones over their own air space. For this purpose, sites have also been chosen, which has again raised the debate over privacy concerns owing to which it was not given the green signal in the first place. According to a statement by the Federal Aviation Administration, the testing process would... Full Story