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Building Code Compliance Specifications

OnDemand Webinar (83 minutes)

Building codes place responsibility for designing a building project in accordance with the appropriate adopted codes and standards in the location of the project while building officials are charged with reviewing the plans and specifications for compliance. Many design professionals do not understand how much information to include in their project specifications as it relates to code compliance nor the limits placed on them by their professional liability insurers. This OnDemand Webinar helps design professionals understand their responsibilities regarding code compliance and how to incorporate these requirements into their project specifications. The program also explains the impact of green building requirements on building codes and how those requirements are incorporated into project specifications.

Learning Objectives:

You will be able to define who has responsibility for code compliance.

You will be able to describe what to include in project specifications.

You will be able to identify how peer review can help verify code compliance.

You will be able to recognize the impact of green requirements on building codes.


Ross G. Spiegel, FAIA, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, LEEDŽ AP BD+C, Fletcher-Thompson, Inc.


Who Has Responsibility for Code Compliance?

  • The Responsibilities of Design Professionals
  • The Responsibilities of Contractors
  • The Responsibilities of Building Officials

How Is Code Compliance Specified?

  • What to Include in Project Specifications
  • What Are the Risks in Specifying Code Compliance?
  • What Do Professional Liability Carriers Recommend?

How Is Code Compliance Verified?

  • What Is Required to Demonstrate Compliance?
  • Using Checklists to Verify Code Compliance
  • How Peer Review Can Help Verify Code Compliance

How Have Green Requirements Impacted Building Codes and Specifications?

  • The Impact of Green Requirements on Building Codes
  • The Role of the Design Professional and Building Official
  • How to Measure Compliance