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The Art And Science of Single Tasking

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In a world of multitasking, discover the lost art and science of single tasking.Like many work environments today, your organization is fast-paced, full of distractions and employees face never-ending demands. You can see how working in a multitasking environment is impacting people's overview, their productivity and sense of wellbeing. But how do you break the endless cycle of distractedness in an information-overloaded world and introduce the idea of 'single tasking' as a solution to drive better focus, calm and ultimately enhance workplace performance? In this topic, Dana Pulley of Potential Project will share lessons learned from implementing mindfulness programs as a science-backed method to combat multitasking at hundreds of elite organizations over the past ten years.
She will begin by exploring how multitasking impairs our focus and clarity neurologically, introducing the most recent science on the impact of multitasking and the evidence of how mindfulness can be introduced and used as an organizational tool to support single tasking. You will be given practical methods and tools for managing focus and awareness better, including introducing a simple 2 x 2 matrix to enhance mental effectiveness that leaders and employees can use to plan how to effectively manage different tasks effectively throughout the workday. You will be left with your own personalized action plan for introducing single tasking into your organization.


Dana Pulley, MA, PCC, Potential Project International

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